Can You Repair Your Air Ducts?

September 18, 2023

If you noticed that one or more areas of your home are losing heat during the winter.

Then it’s a sign That there is an issue with your ducting in that area.

You can repair leaky air ducts.. HVAC technicians use a process known as duct sealing. This reduces the leakage and enhances the airflow in the area.

How To Repair Air Ducts

using professional-grade aluminum foil tape.

Before applying any of the aluminum foil tape, clean up the area around the leak first.

This helps to ensure that the tape will adhere and last for a long time.

In cases of pinhole leaks, it can be helpful to have a sealant that an HVAC professional suggests. This will go on like caulking and help to expand to seal up those pinhole leaks in your HVAC ducting. You should always double-check the area after applying a sealant or foil tape. You need to ensure that there is no draft remaining in your HVAC ducting.

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