Duct-Free Mini-Split (Provides ductless temperature control for individual spaces)

September 18, 2023

are installed in individual rooms and are common fixtures in multifamily homes, office buildings and hotel rooms. Also known as mini-split systems, these electric units include an outdoor compressor and condenser, refrigerant, an indoor air-handling unit, a heat pump, power cables and a thermostat for each zone. Copper tubing connects the indoor and outdoor components, and one compressor can connect to up to nine indoor air-handling units.

While duct-free systems can be expensive to install, they often help reduce energy costs and consumption over time. Their flexible zoning capabilities allow users to heat and cool occupied rooms only, preventing energy loss associated with ductwork.

As people living in colder climates often need to add a separate heating system.

the heating components are less effective in below-freezing temperatures,

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