Portable Spot Cooler (Portable and easy to set up)

September 18, 2023

are portable AC units designed to cool down large rooms, manufacturing facilities or outdoor spaces.

They work by drawing in ambient air, pushing it over a closed-loop coil cooled by refrigerant and pumping it back into the space. The coil cools and removes humidity from the air, creating leftover condensation that drains out into a hose or catch bucket.

can operate in any location with an electrical power source, and attached wheels make them easy to move.

finding a place to let out the exhaust can make setup in enclosed spaces more difficult. After cooling the air, spot coolers pump leftover warm air out through a flexible exhaust tube.

This tube is usually extendible, and it must lead out through a door, window or drop ceiling to prevent warm air from re-entering the space.

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