Zoned System (Allows for more personalized temperature control)

September 18, 2023

HVAC zoning systems afford greater control over the temperature in separate rooms or areas in a building.

Technicians can zone ducted HVAC systems in a few different ways, and the best method often depends on the size of the building. building owners toFor example, people who own larger homes may choose to install multiple HVAC systems to control the temperature on different floors. Because each system is completely separate, this type of zoning requires  install two or more heating and cooling units.

Another common type of zoning involves installing manual or automatic  dampers in a system’s air ducts to control the amount of airflow in different areas. Partially closing a damper restricts airflow to one zone while pushing it toward another, making it easier to adjust each room to its ideal temperature. This type of zoning creates a more comfortable environment for occupants and improves energy efficiency by directing air away from zones that don’t need it.

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